How To Become A Partner

How To Become A Partner


The Center Holder is required to complete the below stated steps for the acquisition of TAXWAY INSTITUTE Center and its smooth functioning:

  1. You will receive a Temporary Center Proposal Code through which you can track your proposal / application status. Obtain the Temporary Center Proposal . from the Center Distribution Manager (CDM) which will be sent to you on your registered mobile number.

    Through this Temporary Center Proposal Code. you will be able to fill up the form and available on our website
  2. While filling up the form, a clear scanned copy of all the documents mentioned in the checklist has to be attached along with the Center fee payment details.
  3. The Original Center Opening Form, MOU, Passport size photographs and all the self-attested documents (as per checklist points1- 9) along with the payment details have to be sent in hard copy to the TAXWAY INSTITUTE Head Office on the following address:


  1. As soon as all the documents are received in the HQ and verified, Original Center Code will be provided to you
  2. You can get the Online Training from the H.Q.
  3. . After the online training you can attend the 1 day (according product) intensive training session at the HQ and appear in the assessments.
  4. Within 15 days of filling and submitting FORM 9, you will receive the Taxway Institute stationary and advertisement material along with the Authentication Certificate, Through which you will be able to associate properly with taxway institute in the long run.

Registration Fees: -

Your Center Opening Fees schedule:

  1. TAXWAY REGIONAL CENTER Rs. 2,50,000 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 2,95,000/-
  2. TAXWAY DISTRICT CENTER Rs. 1,25,000 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 1,47,500/-
  3. TAXWAY CITY CENTER Rs. 50,000 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 59,000/-
  4. TAXWAY AREA CENTER Rs. 21,000 /- + 18% GST ==> Total = Rs. 24,780/-

Important Note: -

  1. "REGIONAL CENTRE" -- Top Taxway Institute Centrelevel which will include3 districts
  2. "DISTRICT CENTRE" -- This Taxway Institute Centrelevel is based on the geographical district guidelines of the government of India.
  3. "CITY CENTRE" -- City Taxway Institute Centrelevel is an urban area based on the geographical guidelines of the government of India
  4. "AREA CENTRE" -- Base Taxway Institute Centrelevel which has no area specific rights.


  1. Proposal Form, Documents, Photograph and MOU should be submitted in hard copy within 7 days of applying.
  2. Stationary will only be issued after receiving the full amount along with due Taxes to be paid to the Government and the receipt of Original MOU.
  3. In case of any incomplete information or missing signature in the form, Center Code will not be issued.
  4. Stationary will be provided only on the receipt of Form 9 pertaining to the applicable TAXWAY INSTITUTE
  5. TAXWAY INSTITUTE will not bear the cost of additional member in the training without permission and the additional cost will have to be paid before training.
  6. No partner will exist in the project.
  7. All the information in relation to the documentation like the photographs of the center and the other required documents have to be sent in advance and if verified and passed by the Taxway then only the center will be issues and the code will be processed.
  8. No verbal commitment or promise shall be treated as actionable on the part of TAXWAY INSTITUTE even if it is done by any representative of TAXWAY INSTITUTE. It is clearly understood by the Center that if there is any commitment or promise to be made between the Center and TAXWAY INSTITUTE, it has to be through official email or in writing.
  9. TAXWAY INSTITUTE in context to the student's responsibilities will have to perform administrative functions, such as TAXWAY INSTITUTE branding, authentication to make relationship with students, documentation, training for marketing and courses knowledge, service on courses, support for courses. Center will approach, create and maintain relation with students, generate business, timely services to students, other marketing work such as sales and market expansion collect document from students. Center in context to center business will have to create / submit admissions / inquiry on center's software and make payment on confirm students and providing related documents whenever students get admitted.
  10. The center owner acknowledges that he/she is taking the center for the sole purpose of earning profits from the work done by him/her. The amount paid to Taxway College Educational Foundation will include the processing amount. In return TAXWAY Institute will extend training / stationery / advertisement material / website & software / application facilities and other day to day business support. It is fully understood by the center owner that the paid amount will not be repaid or refunded and is also nontransferable. The Center owner declares that it is financially competent enough to take the center and manage and pay the amount to take the center on his/her own.

Documentation & Payment: -

Document of Branch Opening:

Payment Modes:-

Document of Branch Opening:

Bank Name – HDFC BANK LTD.
A/c No. - 50100066965231
IFSC Code – HDFC0000205
MICR Code - 305240002